Davis County Commission Meeting, June 25, 2024

By John Crofts

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Davis County Commission Meeting Highlights

At the recent Davis County Commission meeting, Commissioner Randy Elliott served as Acting Chair in the absence of Chair Stephenson. Commissioner Elliott spoke about the personal sacrifices, hard work, and family commitments that public service demands. He expressed his strong support for term limits and announced that he will be finishing his second term in January. Throughout his tenure, Commissioner Elliott has consistently been one of the most respected County Commissioners. He is known for listening to voters, building consensus, finding solutions to complicated issues, and uniting the Commission on important matters. Commissioner Elliott will be greatly missed, and he will leave a legacy of making Davis County a better place.

The meeting began with a notable recognition from the Best Friends Animal Society, celebrating the Davis County Animal Welfare Department for maintaining a 90% save rate in 2023. This accolade underscores the department’s commitment to animal care and humane practices.

Public Comments

During the public comment period, citizens expressed concerns regarding the Bountiful Rec Center. The County Commissioners discussed the absence of County Commission representation on the Rec Center Board and the recent tax increase approved by the Rec Center Board for their special service district.

Business/Action Items

The meeting proceeded with several key resolutions and agreements:

  1. General Fund Operations: The 2024 Certified Tax Rates were adopted for various county services, including General Fund Operations (Revenue: $31,528,719, CTR: 0.000788), Flood Control (Revenue: $4,041,118, CTR: 0.000101), and Health (Revenue: $5,801,604, CTR: 0.000145), among others, totaling a combined revenue of $41,371,441 with a CTR of 0.001034 (RES 14/2024).
  2. Assessing and Collecting: The 2024 Certified Tax Rates were adopted for Davis County Assessing and Collecting (Revenue: $5,265,762, CTR: 0.000126) (RES 15/2024).
  3. Multicounty Assessing and Collecting: A resolution was passed adopting the 2024 Certified Tax Rates for this service (Revenue: $624,950, CTR: 0.000015) (RES 16/2024).
  4. Library: The 2024 Certified Tax Rates for the Davis County Library were adopted, generating revenue of $9,000,533 with a CTR of 0.000225 (RES 17/2024).
  5. Municipal Services: The 2024 Certified Tax Rates for Davis County Municipal Services (Service Area #1) were adopted, totaling revenue of $635,791 with a CTR of 0.000597 (RES 18/2024).
  6. Animal Welfare: The 2024 Certified Tax Rates for Animal Welfare were adopted, providing revenue of $2,644,131 with a CTR of 0.000071 (RES 20/2024).

Clerk’s Office

The appointment of Election Auditors for the upcoming June 25, 2024, election was confirmed (566/2024). The County Clerk was absent with the deputy clerk present.

Commissioners’ Office

The commission addressed a personal property tax appeal from Steel and Plate Fabrication, Co. (556/2024).

Tabled Item

Item 11, concerning the approval of the South Davis Recreation District’s Resolution adopting the 2024 Tax Rate, was tabled (557/2024).

Community & Economic Development

A Supplemental Development Agreement for the Davis County Legacy Events Center was approved for the addition of onsite signage (552/2024). Additionally, a resolution for the HOME Consortium Interlocal Agreement between Davis County, Clearfield City, and Layton City was passed, fostering collaborative development efforts (RES 21/2024).

Health Department

Two contract amendments with the Utah Department of Health & Human Services were approved, increasing funding for the Community and Clinical Intervention Program (544/2024) and the Summer Food Service Program for 2024 (548/2024).

Human Resources

Several agreements were approved, including legal services for indigent persons (549/2024), a Memorandum of Understanding for Forensic Social Work Services (551/2024), and a grant award agreement with the Indigent Defense Commission (555/2024).

Sheriff’s Office

Applications and agreements for Liberty Towing (546/2024) and Intermountain Tow Services, Inc. (550/2024) to be included in the tow rotation through the Davis County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center were considered.

Board of Equalization and Consent Items

The Property Tax Register for June 25, 2024, was reviewed, and the minutes from previous meetings were approved (562/2024).

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