Davis County Commission Meeting, July 10, 2024

By John Crofts

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Excused: Randy Elliott

The Davis County Commission meeting, chaired by Bob Stephenson, covered a range of important topics and decisions. Randy Elliott was excused from this session.

The meeting opened with public comment. Kaysville resident Laurene Starkey asked questions about the Homeless Shelter and Code Blue. There was some discussion of the Task Force, and no final decision. The Task Force meetings are closed meetings and not open to the public. The Task Force is getting close to making a recommendation.  

Jill Dredge from Kaysville asked the Commission why cities without homeless people were being considered. Commissioner Stephenson discussed the variety of homeless people and gave examples such as homeless mothers etc. Commissioner Kamalu discussed homeless mothers and their children fleeing domestic and partner violence. 

Sean Rasmussen passionately addressed the Commission, voicing his concerns about national issues and the upcoming Presidential election. He emphasized a growing lack of accountability and highlighted the influence of powerful networks. Rasmussen articulated his worries about the state of the nation and the involvement of concerned citizens, urging a deeper examination of the current state of affairs.

The Commission unanimously approved the following items:

1. Sponsorship Contract for Summer Golf Tournaments

The Commission approved a sponsorship contract with the Davis Chamber of Commerce for the summer golf tournaments. This agreement, labeled as item 586/2024, aims to enhance local community engagement and promote tourism through these popular events.

2. Agreement with Utah Department of Transportation

An agreement with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) was approved, allowing Rocky Mountain Power, Inc. to apply for National Electronic Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funding. This funding is intended for the installation of electric charging stations at the Davis Conference Center (item 606/2024). The initiative supports the county’s commitment to sustainability and infrastructure development.


3. Amendment to Agreement with U.S. Department of the Interior

The Commission approved an amendment to Agreement #2022-264 with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. This amendment pertains to the Weber Basin Project, specifically the Bountiful A-1 Drain & Woods Cross Lateral 2.3L-0.3R (item 604/2024). This project is crucial for maintaining and improving local water infrastructure.


4. Training Agreement for Certification

A training agreement with Garett Chris Tremea was approved for Special Function Officer (SFO) and Basic Corrections Officer (BCO) certification (item 600/2024). This training will enhance the capabilities of the Sheriff’s Office.

5. SCRAM Agreements

The Commission approved a list of 24/7 SCRAM (Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Program) agreements with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office for June 2024 (item 605/2024). This program is essential for monitoring and managing alcohol-related offenses.

6. Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Dispatch Services

An interlocal cooperation agreement between Syracuse City and Davis County for dispatch services was approved (item 607/2024). This agreement will streamline emergency response services and improve coordination between agencies.

7. Trusted Towing LLC Agreement

The application and agreement for Trusted Towing LLC to be placed on the tow rotation through the Davis County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center were approved (item 594/2024). This inclusion ensures timely and efficient towing services in the county.


8. Property Tax Register

The property tax register for July 9, 2024, was approved (item 614/2024). This register includes necessary updates and adjustments to property tax records.


Present: Chair Stephenson, Kamalu and Deputy Sheriff Chief Oblad were present

9. Canvassing of the June 25, 2024 Election

The results of the June 25, 2024 election were canvassed and approved (item 599/2024). This step finalizes the election process and ensures the integrity of the electoral results.


10. Approval of Meeting Minutes

The Commission approved the work session meeting minutes and the regular commission meeting minutes for June 25, 2024 (items 593/2024 and 608/2024).


12. Litigation Strategy Discussion

The Commission held a closed session to discuss strategy related to litigation in accordance with Utah Code 52-4-205(1) (item 617/2024).

The meeting addressed critical issues and fostered collaborative efforts to enhance Davis County’s services and infrastructure.

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