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Davis County Commission Meeting Highlights: June 11, 2024

Chair Stephenson and Commissioner Kamalu were present, with Commissioner Elliott excused.

Financial Policy Approval

The Davis County Commissioners approved the financial policy #441 regarding Subscription-Based Information Technology Arrangement (SBITA) Capitalization Policy. This policy aims to streamline the county’s financial management by clearly defining capitalization procedures for subscription-based IT services, ensuring more efficient allocation and utilization of resources.

Community & Economic Development Initiatives

The commissioners agreed on a one-time donation with the Davis County Commissioners’ Youth Charities and Young Caring for Our Young Inc. This initiative aims to address critical community needs, including hunger, teen homelessness, clothing, and literacy.

A significant highlight was the approval of a contract with the Premier Lacrosse League to host a lacrosse tournament, promising to bring exciting sports action and economic benefits to the county.

Additionally, amendments to existing agreements with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Layton City for ski bus service and pass distribution were approved, alongside a similar amendment with Snowbasin. These amendments are set to improve the efficiency and accessibility of ski bus services, benefiting both residents and tourists.

The Bountiful Davis Arts Center secured a sponsorship agreement for the remainder of 2024, reflecting the county’s ongoing support for local arts and cultural activities.

Furthermore, the ratification of a Special Use Permit with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for the 2024 Great Salt Lake Bird Festival highlights the county’s commitment to promoting wildlife conservation and eco-tourism.

Facilities and Health Department Updates

A temporary lease agreement with 5002, Inc. for filming at the Davis County Memorial Courthouse was approved, providing a unique revenue stream and showcasing the county’s historic sites.

The Health Department signed a limited-use agreement with Rainbow Squares, Northern Lights Dance Club, to conduct wellness activities at the South Davis Senior Activity Center, emphasizing the county’s focus on senior health and well-being.

An extension to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Vehicle Repair and Replacement Assistance Program (VRRAP) with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality was also approved, continuing efforts to enhance environmental sustainability.

Sheriff’s Office Enhancements

The Sheriff’s Office entered into an agreement with International Business Information Technologies for early warning and intervention management software, enhancing the county’s ability to maintain public safety and proactive policing. Several agreements for the Davis County Sheriff’s Office were ratified, including the use of PowerDMS software for accreditation programs and an extensive list of applications for towing services to be added to the tow rotation through the Sheriff’s Dispatch Center, ensuring comprehensive and reliable towing services for the community. Some of the Sheriff’s Office’s decisions on software management have been controversial due to costs and have been questioned by some residents.

The commission also approved a contract with the State of Utah for bailiff and perimeter security services for courts, further strengthening courthouse security measures.

Board of Equalization and Consent Items

The Property Tax Register for June 11, 2024, was reviewed and approved, ensuring accurate and fair property tax assessments.

Consent items, including the regular commission meeting minutes from May 14, 2024, were approved without discussion, reflecting the efficient administrative processes of the commission.

Closing Remarks

The Clerk mentioned the upcoming election and encouraged voter participation, inviting people to observe the voting process. Commissioner Kamalu noted that voter drop-off boxes have camera surveillance and encouraged voters to use the Ballot QR tracker.

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