About Davis Utah Weekly

The Davis Utah Weekly plays a crucial role in keeping our community well-informed in the face of a nationwide trend of local newspapers shutting down, including the closure of our own Davis County Clipper in 2020 after an impressive 129 years. This free service focuses on enhancing community updates with information from Davis County government, specifically offering brief weekly updates on Davis County Commission meetings and government activities.

County Commissioner meetings are pivotal, serving as a central hub for decision-making, transparency, public input, community engagement, policy development, crisis management, and resource allocation. Staying informed or attending these meetings empowers residents to actively participate in the democratic process, contributing to the well-being of our county.

To address the information gap left by the closure of The Davis County Clipper, the Davis Utah Weekly delivers weekly email updates featuring concise recaps of Davis County Commission and Work meetings. These emails provide a brief yet informative overview, tailored for Davis County residents, businesses, county employees, and local enterprises. This free community initiative aims to keep the community well-informed about the vital details of Davis County management, saving time for community members who may not be able to attend the weekly (lengthy) meetings. 

Recognizing the need for efficient information delivery, the Davis Utah Weekly distills significant happenings in Davis County into manageable paragraphs. By offering this service without subscription fees, the initiative is committed to filling the information void and ensuring that the community remains informed about decisions and discussions shaping the future of the county. The goal is to foster a sense of strong community engagement, allowing residents to be informed and more actively participate in the civic life of Davis County.

The DavisUtahWeekly strongly supports the development of a robust Davis County Newspaper and urges our readers to consider subscribing to the Davis Journal. With an annual subscription priced at $52, the Davis Journal provides comprehensive coverage of a wide array of Davis County issues and events, surpassing the scope offered by The DavisUtahWeekly, which is available for free.

We highly endorse subscribing to the Davis Journal for an in-depth understanding of local news and happenings. To subscribe, please visit https://simplecirc.com/subscribe/davis-journal-weekly. Your subscription not only keeps you well-informed but also supports quality journalism within our community.