1. Why is a weekly update necessary for the Davis County Commission meetings? 

As a free service to keep residents informed on decisions, policies and discussions that are shaping our county, Davis Utah Weekly provides a weekly update of the Commissioner’s Meetings to facilitate community engagement, as there is not a free news service covering all Davis County Commissioner meetings. 

2. Can’t residents get information directly from County Commissioner meetings?

While residents can attend these meetings or view them online, we provide a convenient and time-saving way to stay informed without dedicating hours to each meeting.

DavisUtahWeekly.com serves as a long-term archive for county meetings, whereas they only stay up for 1 month on the county’s website: https://agendasuite.org/iip/davis 

3. How do I subscribe to the Davis Utah Weekly?

Residents can subscribe to the Davis Utah Weekly by providing their email address on the website or clicking this *link*. Subscribers will receive weekly email updates, keeping them in the loop about Davis County government.

4. Have recommendation or comments? Email ElectJohnCrofts@gmail.com.