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On December 19, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the Commission Chambers Room 303 in the County Administration Building, the Davis County Commission tackled a substantial agenda. Notable attendees included Chair Lorene Miner Kamalu, Vice Chair Bob J Stevenson, Commissioner Randy B. Elliott, County Clerk Brian McKenzie, County Auditor Curtis Koch, and Chief Deputy Civil Attorney Neal Geddes. Out of the 24 agenda items, 23 sailed through unanimous approval, casting a shadow over the lone dissent on item 4—the 2024 Davis County Budget. Chair Kamalu staunchly opposed the revised budget, citing concerns over escalating employee overtime costs. Intriguingly, Commissioner Elliott, who had previously supported the initial budget, executed a notable about-face. His pivot, elucidated during the meeting, underscored apprehensions about potential unfunded mandates from the State affecting county employees. The backdrop of this dissent finds roots in the initial budget discussions on November 21—the first meeting where the tentative budget was laid out. However, the true test emerged during the public hearing on December 13, after changes and a redo of the initial budget. This crucial session set the stage for the December 19 final vote, marking a contentious chapter in Davis County’s fiscal decision-making. Despite the broad contours of the budgetary discussion, intricate details remained elusive. The meeting, however, offered a glimpse into the diverse fiscal philosophies among commissioners. Remarkably, the Davis County Commissioner meeting chose to exclude the new budget from its agenda—a strategic move likely to ignite future debates and considerations surrounding fiscal decisions. The absence of the budget on the agenda resonates with the commission’s commitment to sustained deliberations on crucial financial matters.

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