Davis County Commission Meeting, May 14,, 2024

By John Crofts

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Davis County Commission Unanimously Approves Multiple Community and Administrative Measures

At the latest Davis County Commission meeting, Vice Chair Randy Elliott led the session, with Commissioner Bob Stephenson absent. All items on the agenda were unanimously adopted, reflecting a strong consensus and commitment to community development and efficient public services.

Key Approvals:

Acceptance of Bids for 2024 Delinquent Real Property Tax Sale:

The Commission accepted bids for the 2024 Delinquent Real Property Tax Sale, ensuring the county can recover unpaid property taxes effectively.

Commissioners’ Office:

The Abatement Register for May 21, 2024, was approved, streamlining property tax adjustments.

Community & Economic Development:

  • Contracts for the 2024 Great Salt Lake Bird Festival were ratified with service providers Diego Calderon and Jose Castano.
  • Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) contracts for 2024-2025 were approved with Open Doors for Street Outreach and Lantern House for Homeless Services.
  • A Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) contract for 2024-2025 was approved with Open Doors for their Landlord/Tenant Mediator Program.

Health Department:

  • Amendment #7 to the contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) was approved, increasing tobacco funding for FY25.
  • Year Two of the Area Agency on Aging Four-Year Plan (2024-2027) with the Utah Department of Health & Human Resources was approved, ensuring continued support for senior services.

Human Resources:

An agreement with the Davis Conference Center was approved for the Annual Employee Appreciation Event, highlighting the county’s dedication to employee recognition.


A summary list of item donations over $50.00 to Davis County Libraries was ratified, reflecting community support and contributions to local libraries.

Sheriff’s Office:

  • Multiple towing companies, including G&T Towing, Sandman Collision, Inc., and others, were approved for consideration to be placed on the tow rotation through the Davis County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center. This move aims to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of towing services in the county.

Board of Equalization:

The Property Tax Register for May 21, 2024, was approved, ensuring accurate and fair property tax assessments.

The meeting, led by Vice Chair Randy Elliott, showcased the Commission’s unified approach to supporting community events, public health, social services, and administrative efficiency. All items were unanimously adopted, indicating strong agreement among the commissioners.

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