Davis County Commission Meeting, May 28, 2024

By John Crofts

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**The meeting was very difficult to hear since the volume was turned down lower than other meetings.

Davis County Commission Meeting Highlights: Renewal Notices, Adoption Agreements, and Key Approvals

At the recent Davis County Commission meeting, several significant items were addressed, reflecting the county’s ongoing commitment to community development, efficient governance, and public welfare. The meeting was led by Vice Chair Randy Elliott, with all items unanimously adopted.

Key Highlights:

Receipt of Renewal Notices:

  • The Commission received notices of intent from Farmington City to renew their Recreation, Arts, and Parks (RAP) tax and from Clearfield City to renew their Parks, Arts, Recreation, Aquatics, and Trails (PARAT) tax. These renewals aim to continue funding vital community programs and facilities.

Public Comments:

  • The floor was opened for public comments, allowing residents to voice their opinions and concerns on various issues. No public comments were made.

Business/Action Items:

Animal Care:

  • Adoption agreements with Animal Care for April 2024 were approved, ensuring continued support for animal welfare services in the county.

Auditor’s Office:

  • An amendment to Agreement #2022-572 with West Point City was approved, facilitating the design and engineering for their Waste Water System Expansion under the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) Subaward Project.

Commissioners’ Office:

  • A resolution was passed providing notice to Clearfield City of no intent for Davis County to impose a PARAT tax.
  • A similar resolution was passed for Farmington City regarding the RAP tax.
  • The Abatement Register for May 28, 2024, was approved, allowing for necessary adjustments to property taxes.

Community & Economic Development:

  • Approval of the 2024-2025 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) contracts with Safe Harbor for their Residential Advocacy Team and with PARC for their Community Integrated Employment Project.
  • A donation agreement with Intermountain Lacrosse for lacrosse goals was approved, supporting local sports and recreation.

Health Department:

  • An amendment to the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) STTRONG contract with the Utah Department of Health & Human Services was approved, adding additional funding and updating the scope of work.

Human Resources:

  • A revision of Human Resources Policy #175 was approved, consolidating employee category definitions and probationary period practices.
  • The Utah Retirement System (URS) Employer Pickup Election Form was approved, (Commissioner Kamalu voted nay on one portion) with Davis County declining additional pickup for Tier II Public Safety.

Sheriff’s Office:

  • A standard professional services contract with KONE Inc. for elevator maintenance services was approved.
  • A motion was authorized to create a Firearm Library of confiscated or unclaimed firearms for training purposes.
  • An access agreement with Questar Gas Company DBA Dominion Energy Utah was approved for the use of QuestLine.
  • Multiple towing companies, including D. L. Towing LLC, Dewaal & Sons Towing Inc, and others, were approved for consideration to be placed on the tow rotation through the Davis County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center.

Board of Equalization:

  • The Property Tax Register for May 28, 2024, was approved, ensuring accurate and fair tax assessments.

The meeting highlighted the Commission’s proactive approach to supporting community initiatives, enhancing public services, and ensuring efficient governance. All decisions were made with unanimous agreement, underscoring the collaborative efforts of the Davis County Commissioners.

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