By John Crofts Word Count: 320 words Read Time: Approximately 1-2 minutes April 2, 2024

All three Commissioners were present for this meeting.

The commission introduced Kristin Wojciechowski as the new Director of Development for the Davis Arts Council, succeeding Teri Cowan. Her appointment signals a new chapter for the Davis Arts Council as it continues to enrich the lives of residents through diverse artistic endeavors.

Employee Service Awards: The commission honored employees who have reached milestones in their careers with Davis County. The Employee Service Awards recognized the dedication and commitment of these individuals to serving the county and its residents.

Congresswoman Celeste Maloy’s staff visited the Commission meeting and expressed their desires to help and conduct outreach to Davis County.

Chair Commission Stephenson mentioned that the Commission is pointing out to the Directors to change in the future where items are moved into the consent form, where they pass all consent items at the same time. Next week’s, April 9th Commission is canceled. Commissioner Kamalu mentioned she would be at a conference.

Business/Action Items: Several business and action items were discussed and approved during the session, spanning across different departments and initiatives within the county. These included adoption agreements with Animal Care, contracts with sports clubs for soccer league games, and sponsorship agreements for community events such as the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival.

Consent Items: The commission also reviewed and approved consent items, including meeting minutes and low-dollar contracts, signifying routine administrative matters that contribute to the smooth operation of county affairs.

The session concluded with a reaffirmation of the county’s commitment to serving its residents and fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

Commissioner Kamalu recognized the Davis Journal and complimented the Davis Journal’s article highlighting the Davis Health Department. The Healthy Brain Initiative is one of 10 to enhance brain health. The Davis Journal was complimented on bringing this to light when the Commission wasn’t aware of this grant. Utah has a higher percentage of dementia from other parts of the country. Dementia is the 7th leading cause of death, but the 3rd leading cause of death is Davis County.

The meeting was adjourned.

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