By John Crofts 

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Commission Chair Bob Stephenson excused Commissioner Kamalu, mentioning her absence due to family commitments. Congressman Blake Moore attended the meeting, reporting on his efforts in Congress, including discussions on Clinton Water Infrastructure projects, funding for Davis County School homeless resource centers, and Clinton City infrastructure. He emphasized his support for defending Hill Air Force Base despite criticism. The Commission engaged in light banter and sports humor.

The Clerk discussed a contract with Link Labs, proposing voting boxes for additional surveillance of the ballot boxes. He highlighted Davis County’s high return rates for mail-in ballots, with approximately 60-70% being sent through the mail.

The County funded 15 projects totaling $1.5 million in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, covering water main projects, ADA projects, and a foundation stabilization program, all deemed successful initiatives.

Item #5 involved the ratification of a $25 thousand sponsorship for the Warriors over the Wasatch event, which attracts half a million visitors. An updated economic report revealed nearly $9 billion in economic impact in 2022.

The Commissioners proposed collaborative efforts to create affordable housing, and Director Brian Hatch from the Health Department presented a summary of low-risk, low-dollar suicide prevention projects. Additionally, a contract with CCI service for the Davis County Senior Center was approved, with funding secured through the state to replace HVAC and ventilation systems.

Mindy Adams proposed authorizing Artificial Intelligence, provided it is clearly identified as such, and highlighted new State Legislation requiring privacy statements to be posted.

Josh Johnson from the Library requested permission to receive a grant and approval of an ALA exhibit and Holocaust museum at 50 different locations, accompanied by a $3,000 grant.

In summary, the recent Davis County Commissioners meeting, held at the County Auditor’s Office, saw unanimous approval of various proposals and agreements critical to the county’s functioning. Light-hearted comments and banter (regarding BYU and Aggies) and a brief discussion on changing a title to “Comptroller” added a congenial atmosphere to the meeting, which adjourned at 10:33 a.m., making it one of the shortest Commissioner meetings.

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