By John Crofts 

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At the March 19th Davis County Commission meeting, which was convened as a Davis County Board of Canvas Meeting, Commissioner Kamalu assumed responsibility for chairing the proceedings. Notably, the absence of the other two Commissioners was observed, albeit without explanation regarding their whereabouts.

In accordance with state law, other elected officials were duly notified and served as substitutes for Chair Bob Stephenson, and Vice Chair Randy Elliott. The Assessor, Andy Hansen, and Treasurer Mark Altom served as replacements (as stated by state law) for the two missing Commissioners. 

During the session, Clerk Bryan Mckinze provided a comprehensive overview of the Board of County Canvass procedures. He emphasized that the County Clerk determines the date and time for the Board of County Canvassers’ meeting, within a seven-day window. The Clerk’s primary duties include the meticulous counting of ballots and presentation of the results to the Board of Canvas. Their collective responsibility involves a thorough examination and review of summary reports, ultimately culminating in the certification of votes.

Of particular significance, this meeting centered on the Presidential Primary for the Democratic party, with the Board of Canvas overseeing the testing of over 7,000 votes. The Board of Canvas approved the Clerk’s report, affirming its accuracy and integrity.

In a culmination of their deliberations, the Board of Canvass voted to approve the report, thereby finalizing the outcome of the canvassing process. 

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