By John Crofts 

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At the March 12th Davis County Commission meeting, Commissioner Elliott was absent. Chair Stepheson and Commissioner Kamalu were in attendance. The Commission heard from Clearfield High School’s Service Officers and students, who received recognition for their fundraising efforts to support the Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC) located in Clearfield. The students organized activities and events to raise funds for PARC, showcasing their dedication to community service and philanthropy. The students raised $105,000. Several tributes to Clearfield High were expressed, and Ken Nagly from PARC thanked the Clearfield students for their amazing support. Many other high schools have also conducted noteworthy fundraisers. You can visit their website at Their example will also encourage other high schools.

In other business, the County Commissioners addressed several items, including a standard service provider contract with Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) for animal care services, appointment of election auditors for the upcoming election, and various contractual agreements related to legal services and public health initiatives. The Commissioners also appointed Ryan Nilsen to the Davis County Library Board.

Health Director Brian Hatch presented Amendment #8 to the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Contract #2019-525 with the Utah Department of Health & Human Services during the meeting. This amendment aimed to increase funding for Peer Counseling, emphasizing support for vulnerable populations. Additionally, an agreement was discussed with the Public Health Institute Berkeley Media Studies Group to procure professional services and deliverables outlined in Scope of Work Exhibit A. Moreover, a contract with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality was addressed, providing funding for Radon awareness initiatives. Radon is a health threat after tobacco. Director Hatch discussed some radon testing equipment, remediation activities, and options.

The County Commissioners approved 24/7 Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Program (SCRAM) agreements with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office for February 2024. The Property Tax Register was presented. All items were unanimously voted on and approved.

Commissioner Kamalu provided an update on the local homeless council, which convenes bi-monthly to address homelessness issues. She highlighted forthcoming discussions regarding slight changes in laws with counties for a 2nd class. Further updates will be shared after the Task Force meeting on March 24, indicating ongoing efforts to address homelessness.

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