By John Crofts 

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At the March 5th Davis County Commission meeting, Chair Stephson mentioned the new State Flag was official and they would need to put it into the budget to switch out the flags. Commissioner Kamalu recognized employee service awards for their hard work and years of service. 

John Robison provided an informational item and report. In compliance with Utah Code Title 17 Chapter 16a County Officers and Employees Disclosure Act, the annual Davis County Officers and Employees outside private economic interests disclosure was also addressed during the meeting, ensuring transparency and accountability within the county government.

Several key business items were discussed and approved during the meeting, including the Memorandum of Internal Award Allocation of Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Funds Grant Award for Attorney’s Office Justice System Case Backlog, ($811,135) Item 3 was passed unanimously.

The Clerk requested to cancel the regularly scheduled meetings for March 19, April 16, April 30, May 7, and July 16th. Chair Bob Stephenson (in jest) asked if they could add any more dates to that. Chair, Bob Stephenson provided a brief explanation that individuals (he did not identify who) would not be present on those dates, and that is the reason for the multiple meetings being canceled. Typically one or two meetings are canceled; however, five canceled meetings at once is unusual. No further explanation was provided. 

Other highlights included the approval of contracts and agreements with organizations such as the Utah Ultimate Disc Association,, and Cheyenne Twitchell for digital marketing services, demonstrating the county’s efforts in fostering community partnerships and economic development.

Additionally, contracts for services such as the purchase of golf cars for Valley View Golf Course and grant awards for programs like the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program showcased the county’s dedication to enhancing recreational opportunities and supporting community initiatives.

In a bid to streamline operations, the cancellation of several Regular Commission Meetings was also approved, providing administrative efficiency while ensuring continued productivity.

The meeting concluded with the approval of consent items, including the Regular Commission Meeting Minutes for February 20th and February 6th, as well as Work Session Minutes from February 20, 2024, underscoring the county’s commitment to transparency and accountability in its proceedings.

Overall, the Employee Service Awards and business proceedings highlighted the dedication, collaboration, and community focus that embody the spirit of Davis County’s workforce and governance.

Brief mention was discussed regarding the Caucus system for Democrats and Republicans. Commissioner Kamalu discussed the end of the Legislature and the county’s hard work. Commissioner Kamalu reported that Davis Behavioral Health had received funding for the last gap for a 60 unit facility to add to their permanent facility. This funding is for people with mental health challenges. They were working on getting the last gap and they received $8.2 million at the very end. She mentioned that it was upstream of homelessness and was fortunate for the county to receive this funding.

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