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At the February 27th Davis County Commission meeting, Commissioner Davis County Celebrates 10 Years of Voting by Mail and Allocates Coronavirus Relief Funds.

In a recent meeting held by the Davis County Clerk’s Office, several key agenda items were addressed, including a resolution commemorating the 10th anniversary of voting by mail in the county. The County Clerk highlighted the significance of this 10 year milestone. The Clerk said the Davis County elections are top-notch, when it comes to security, but said the system is not perfect, because according to him, “no system can ever be perfect”. All three Commissioners complimented the vote by mail system.  

Moreover, the meeting saw significant discussions regarding the allocation of Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Funds (SLFRF). Curtis Koch, the County Auditor, presented multiple memorandums detailing the distribution of these funds across various projects aimed at enhancing public health, infrastructure, and community services.

Among the allocations discussed were grants for projects such as the Enhanced Environmental Health Database, Contracts and Grants Administrator position, Enhanced Air Monitoring, and the Davis County Jail Remodel for Video Court. These allocations collectively amount to millions of dollars, signifying the county’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Additionally, the Commissioners’ Office proposed approval and notice to proceed with land acquisition, design, and construction on a new library building in Bountiful, emphasizing the county’s focus on enhancing educational and community resources.

Other notable agenda items included contracts for community events, such as the contract with Intermountain Lacrosse for Spring Games, and agreements facilitating transportation services for senior citizens, underscoring the county’s dedication to supporting various segments of the community.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office discussed training agreements and donation agreements aimed at enhancing law enforcement capabilities and expertise in investigating sensitive cases such as child abuse, homicide, and crime scene management.

In closing remarks, made on February 23, 2024, by the Davis County Clerk’s Office, it was highlighted that these deliberations and decisions reflect the county’s proactive approach to addressing both immediate challenges and long-term community needs amidst the ongoing public health crisis. Commissioner Kamlu discussed the State Library, the special services for the blind and special needs they offer. 

All items in the meeting were met with unanimous approval from the three Commissioners. 

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