By John Crofts 

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At the February 20th Davis County Commission meeting, Commissioner Randy Elliott (as Vice Chair) took charge of the meeting. Before the meeting he playfully expressed his enthusiasm about attending only a few more sessions before his term ends. Chair Bob Stephenson was absent from the Commission meeting without explanation.

Commissioner Kamalu introduced an informational item, presenting the new Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Coordinator, Eyad Alasamhan, whose impressive experience and credentials were duly noted.

During the session, Public Comments were opened up, with Congressman Blake Moore’s staff announcing the presentation of various Town Halls by the Congressman himself.

The Davis County officials unanimously approved a comprehensive agenda aimed at enhancing various aspects of county services. While items 1-25 sailed through unanimously, Item 26 was tabled for further discussion.

Commissioner Kamalu presented items 24-38, all of which were unanimously adopted. Notably, she gave special recognition to item #32, the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Part 1, emphasizing its significance for the entire county in mitigating threats like wildfires, earthquakes, and other hazards. Ember Herrick and her team were singled out for their exceptional work on the plan.

Commissioner Kamalu also shared insights from her participation in the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, where she represented the subcommittee of transportation. This is a prestigious association and Commissioner Kamalu brings special recognition to Davis County for her participation. The conference provided a platform to address crucial issues like airport and railroad safety, with a focus on collaboration and determination for effective project implementation.

Additionally, Commissioner Kamalu highlighted the importance of community feedback and collaboration, especially in preparing for unusual events and disasters.

Finally, Commissioner Kamalu reminded attendees of the upcoming opportunity to witness eagles at Farmington Bay, where Bald Eagles are known to perch in the trees, attracting bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

With a call to adjourn, Commissioner Elliott brought the meeting to a close.

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