Davis County Commission Meeting, January 9, 2024

By John Crofts

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Title: Key Points from the Davis County Commissioners Meeting: Unity on Agendas, Invasive Plants, and Election Updates

In the recent Davis County Commissioners meeting, they covered 15 different topics. The interesting part is that they all agreed on everything, showing a strong team spirit among the commissioners.

Commissioner Kamalu highlighted a serious topic discussed during the Work Meeting – invasive plant species threatening the Great Salt Lake. Efforts are underway to mitigate this issue, and more details will be shared in upcoming meetings about how our community plans to tackle this problem.

An important piece of news not discussed in the Commission meeting: Commissioner Elliott surprised everyone last Friday by announcing he won’t run for re-election. On Monday morning, he officially withdrew his candidacy. Elliott has played a significant role in Commission governance, making some decisions that sparked controversy, like changing the budget and teaming up with Bob Stephenson for a surprise budget that met strong disagreement from Commissioner Kamalu. Reasons for Elliott’s about-face on the budget haven’t been fully explained, leaving Voters with questions. His announcement prompted 11 Republicans to file for his announced vacancy.

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