By John Crofts 1 min read 179 words. 

During the recent County Commissioners meeting, a series of unanimous decisions were reached, and all items put to vote received unanimous approval from the Commissioners. The Commissioners’ Office addressed the cancellation of the February 13 meeting and a motion regarding agreements with the Davis County Attorney, providing the attorney with more delegated authority, obtaining unanimous support. In Community & Economic Development, contracts with FC Barcelona and appointments to the Tourism Tax Advisory Board were approved unanimously. The Health department secured unanimous votes on amendments to public health infrastructure, an internship agreement with Liberty University, amendments to agreements with FoodSafePal, and a contract related to arthritis management. Additionally, the Library received unanimous approval for a significant donation, and the Sheriff’s Office obtained unanimous support for a crucial epidemiology and laboratory capacity initiative. The Board of Equalization discussed the Property Tax Register with unanimous agreement, and consent items, including the Board of Canvass Meeting Minutes, were unanimously approved by the Commissioners. Commissioner Kamalu provided special recognition to Public Safety and Davis County’s remarkable staff. She advocated broadcasting Public Safety’s heroism, and thanked them for everything they do.

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