By John Crofts 

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During the recent County Commissioners meeting, a series of unanimous decisions were reached, and all items put to vote received unanimous approval from the Commissioners. The County settled with a “minor defendant” to reach a confidential settlement agreement in the amount of $126,250.12. An annual amendment was made to the Comprehensive contract with Davis Behavioral Health, with a total amount of $2,741,000. Utah State University Services were approved to provide services totaling $271,227. Item 4 was requested to be taken off the approval list. Item 5 is an amendment to State and Local Recovery Funds (SLFRF) for the Davis Emergency Operations Center, with an additional funding need of over $300,000, bringing the total SLFRF amount to $15,629,000. The Commissioners unanimously approved all items except for item 4 (which was removed).

Commissioner Kamalu discussed the growing numbers of homeless people in Davis County and discussed the root causes of homelessness. She mentioned the Governor’s proposal for additional funding and noted that the Legislature is actively considering funding and engaging in multiple conversations about homelessness in the cities. She also emphasized the need to prevent the growth of homeless camps. Chair Stephenson added that they are exploring ways to help people who want to resolve homelessness, highlighting a significant need for funding from the Legislature. 

Curtis Koch added that January 24th is the 100th anniversary of the Utah Association of Counties. He expressed appreciation for all elected officials serving the public and made a special mention that most associations never get to celebrate 100 years, as does the Utah Association of Counties.

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