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Randy Elliott was excused from the Commission meeting. The proposal recommends consolidating FT Real Property Appraiser Trainee positions into one FT Commercial Real Property Appraiser position and one PT Merit Personal Property Appraiser I position. Additionally, there is a public hearing scheduled for comments on Davis County’s 2024-2025 Annual Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program provides annual grants on a formula basis to states, cities, and counties to develop viable urban communities by offering decent housing and a suitable living environment. It also aims to expand economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons. Last year, some CDBG funds went towards homes suffering from subsidence. Subsidence refers to the gradual sinking or settling of the ground, typically caused by various factors.

The Commission was presented with other requests for CDBG funding consideration. Additional items include contracts with sports organizations, a donation agreement, a cost-sharing agreement with Layton City for UTA Ski Bus Service, an ordinance amendment for county subdivision regulations, and various agreements related to health, human resources, the sheriff’s office, and the Board of Equalization (the Board of Equalization motion was rescinded due to property tax registration to update the register).

Commission Chair Stephenson and Commissioner Kamalu agreed on all action items. Consent items include minutes from regular commission meetings in January. Commissioner Kamalu mentioned an article in the Davis Journal that discussed homelessness in Davis County and mentioned a new bill before the Legislature that would amend the homelessness bill passed last year.

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